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Thank you to all our loyal customers!!!!!!
We wanted to take this time out to thank all our loyal and wonderful customers. Opening up a business has been a life long dream. Because of all of you, Bi-State Appliance Service is a new up and coming service provider. I wanted you to know how much it means to me and how much I appreciate that you have opened your doors and trusted in my service and years of experience. I will continue to provide you with the best high quality service you have all come to know and love!

Front-loader washing machines are usually equipped with a drain trap. The trap is there to capture small objects. The most common object, COINS. The purpose of this trap is to help from any draining issues such as clogs or from having a coin lodging into the drain pump and seizing the motor.

Like your dryer this trap to be maintained. If your front-load washer drains more slowly than normal, or not at all, check the drain trap and clean out any objects you may find. Most front-loader washers have access to the trap through a small door in the front of the appliance. No special tools are required.

What to do?

Place a small towel in front of the unit. There may be a small amount of water that may drip. Remove the trap by turning it counter clockwise to unlock it. Remove the objects and run it under water. Place the trap back into the unit and lock it by turning it clockwise.

It's as simple as that! Lesson learn here CHECK YOUR POCKETS before placing your laundry into the machine.

As always, we are here to help. If you have any questions. Call us


We wanted to write about this subject because it is an easy avoidable issue.

We had a customer call this week stating her dryer was taking to long to dry. The technician goes out to the house and the filter was clogged with the wax coating from the dryer sheets she was using.

Dryer sheets can leave a film on the filter that reduces air flow and, over time, can affect the performance of the dryer.

If you have a similar issue, pull your filter out of the dryer and run water over it. If the water does not go through it clean the filter with a sponge until you are able to get water to run through it. Shake the filter dry. Place it back in the dryer and run the cycle and see if that works. If you pull the filter out and checked it with water and water goes through, your issue is not the filter and you should call for Service.

AS always you can call us anytime if you have questions.


SAVE MONEY!!!! Maintaining your dishwasher
Ever notice after several cycles of using your dishwasher , food, grease, and soap scum find there way to the corners of the machine or hide in the crevices of the machine. This build up of grime reak havoc to your dishwasher and plumbing if left to rot. This grime builds up bacteria and other unwanted materials on your dishes.

Here is an easy maintenance tip that will leave your dishwasher running smoothly for a long time!

Find a small soft bristle brush (old tooth brush) or an soft abrasive sponge and a wash cloth. Remove the dish racks and put them to the side. Using HOT soapy water and some elbow grease, scrub away the grime along the wall corner and crevices. Do not forget to do around the door and the door gasket. Take a second wash cloth or sponge and wipe all you have loosened up. Be sure to wipe around the drain and take away any chunks.

Now that you have spent time manually cleaning your unit, put the racks back in. Find a dishwasher safe bowl and fill it with your normal everyday white vinegar. Place it upright on the top rack. Run your dishwasher on the hottest setting available. This helps wash away the loosen, grease and grime, and sanitizes the unit.

Following this tip will help maintain your unit. If you have done this tip and are still experiencing issues such as cloudy dishes or dishes are not clean enough. Please call us and schedule an appointment. Our Technicians will be glad to assist you in anyway they can.

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